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Friday, November 26, 2010

deep thoughts by Joyska

I've been very lazy about my blog lately. Partially because I seem to have so many other things to do and be occupied by. However, I'm discovering this is a good place to just share what is in my head regardless of who is reading it...

This week God has really been challenging me in the issue of surrender and trusting Him when it feels like my world has been turned upside down... The question has been is He worthy of my trust? OF COURSE He is!!! But I often get so caught up in the day to day struggle that I loose my way, and begin to question that. So His challenge to me has been, will you give me everything? Your heart, your emotions... all of it, not just most of it... but all of it?

Scary place to be.

Yet it's the safest place if I read scripture right. He is the God of justice, which means He is the highest standard of righteousness, and He will return to deal with the wicked and those who stand against Him. He is holy, which means there is no sin or darkness in Him and He longs for our lives to be found completely in Him. He's jealous, which means He is not content to have only part of us, He wants everything... and when we turn to Him and let Him do what He wants to do, it is for our good, but more importantly for His glory.

How much safer can we be?

But it comes at a cost. We have to be willing to follow, to surrender, to hold nothing back, to give Him His rightful place in our lives. It's not an easy choice, because it requires forsaking everything else, but it's really the only choice if we are going to be completely His. And He is looking for hearts that are completely His.

God's power lies in His ability to redeem our lives. (at least part of His power). He is infinitely more than that I know, but his redemption is one of the things that Satan cannot counterfeit. Jesus is the only one who can take a messed up life and turn it for His glory. He doesn't do it just to use us in other peoples lives, though that often happens... but He does it simply because He loves us and wants more for us than our own sin. That's why He came in the first place isn't it?

I do believe that He is returning, maybe sooner than most of us think, but I know that He is coming for a pure and spotless bride. He isn't coming for a half hearted luke- warm faith... He is coming for hearts that are ready and are fully His.

How ready is my heart? I have a ways to go, but I am on the right track. As difficult as life has been at times, and as messed up as my thinking has been, I'm beginning to really get the bigger picture. As I turn to Him, He turns to me, and life may not get easier, but it gets better. He is growing character in me... He is showing me my own sin, and helping me let go of the sins of others, but most importantly He is showing me that He gave everything for me and He expects no less from me.
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