Joyska's Journal: another busy weekend

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

another busy weekend

I know it is only wednesday... but the weekend is looming.

First of all, an exciting thing... a good friend of mine from college days is coming to visit (with her husband and 3 young children) for a couple of days. They arrive tonight and leave early Friday morning. We plan on "hanging out" tonight and then going to the zoo on thursday. Should be very fun.

Then the weekend hits with the Spiritual warfare and intercession conference. It's a crazy time every conference... but this one seems especially busy.

The Lord is gracious though. I've had the time this week to really spend some real time in the prayer room, and the Lord has met me there. The worship is so sweet at times, militant at others, and somehow, always, exactly what I've needed.

I feel a bit like things are shifting a little. Things here are changing, as I enter my 7th month at IHOP. I'm not sure how or what it will look like, but I trust the Lord. I prayed once that I was willing to go to Timbuctoo (spelling?)if he wanted me to. Within a year I was in Tuktoyuktuk! Haahaa.

Now I am in Kansas City, and I am sooo willing to do and be all that He desires. there are moments when i think "am I really here?" and I thank the Lord... other times i think "what am I doing here" and I trust the Lord. So, as I enter another busy weekend, I know that my heart is in a good place... and I am thankful.
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