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Saturday, September 17, 2005

I've been in a staff orientation all weekend. They have made a number of changes to the sacred trust(the document signed that helps you covenant how many hours you are in the prayer room, working, and team building). It's been really good.

Dave Sliker spoke yesterday about the platform ministry here at IHOP and how the primary goal while on stage is NOT to be noticed. The heart is that every second of every minute, of every hour is to be unto the Lord. It is intimidating (particularly on a Global Bridegroom Fast week) to realize the thousands that are watching via the net, and yet it is all to be as if no one is in the room... an audience of one. Now when it is a corporate intercession time, it is obviously about standing together, contending for whatever is on the heart at that time, but overall it is the "nameless faceless generation".

And I love that.

I know that here, there are those that seem to have some sort of Misty or Todd, those who have made CD's... they have "a following". yet the heart is to be on the platform not for themselves, but to draw the hearts of all in the room to the heart of the father.

so what is the point?
no point really, just cool.
Joyska at 7:04 AM


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