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Monday, September 19, 2005

"Dear child of God, if you feel the drawing of God in your soul, cherish it as you would cherish a great treasure. If you feel a deeper hunger, if you are entering into a closer walk with Him, do not look upon it carelessly, nor treat it lightly. If you do not feel the divine drawing and hunger for God, cry to Him that He will give it to you; and ever remember that the desire for hunger is the beginning of hunger, and that you cannot feed upon Jesus Christ until you are spiritually hungry.

In the natural, if the stomach is in poor condition, the best food is loathsome. So it is with spiritual food and feeding upon Jesus Christ; if we are not living near God and are not where we should be, we neither have an appetite for spiritual things, nor can we feed upon Christ who is the living Bread. When God pours into you a hunger for your Beloved and begins to reveal more clearly your privileges in Him, rejoice with great joy and gratitude toward God. If He did not put into our hearts the longing to know Him better and to have His very best, we would be satisfied with the least we could have and be saved....

How wonderous are the workings and drawings of God upon a human soul! How little do we behold or know that which He is doing, as day by day He works down in the depths of our beings. The most favoured place a child of God can be in, is to continually feel the drawing of God urging and constraining him to greater hunger and to greater abandonment to Him. There is nothing we should praise Him for with such gratitude, as for every touch of hunger that he so graciously gives us....

Our beloved is calling us to cling to Him more prayerfully and continuously. He is calling upon us to run faster, faster; to believe that if we will not let go of Him, He will lift us over all the hard places, and make of all the stumbling blocks, steps upward and heavenward on our homeward journey. As long as we cling to Him, His hand upholds us and keeps our feet from falling or even stumbling."

Cora Harris Macilravy

That must be the best definition of 100% pursuit I have ever seen. And it was written in 1916.

He is calling us... wow.
Joyska at 1:15 PM


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