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Friday, February 29, 2008

the comments

Okay, now I realize that my glasses were a bold choice. I really like them! There have been a lot of comments at work, mostly from the patrons. I have heard everything from "You CHOSE those?!" to "You look like a movie star". Here are my top 10:

1o. I'll return it to the pretty girl in the red glasses
9. There is a cartoon character that you remind me of... (yah... marty the martian)
8. Hey, Sally Jessie Raphael!
7. You have the style of Elton John
6. They suit your personality...
5. I like them... would never wear them, but I like them
4. You like Coke just a little too much!
3. are those diamonds REAL?!?!?!
2. How much you want for those?

And my favourite:

1. You look amazing. Seriously... amazing!

Never had so many comments on a new pair of glasses! haha. Can't wait til the other pair are ready... They aren't quite as bold, but they are unique!
Joyska at 4:49 AM


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