Joyska's Journal: March 2008

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

glasses #2

these are the new ones! And yes, I got a hair cut.
Joyska at 1:09 PM

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

January throwback

getting ready for work, I turn on the tv just to get the weather.... This is a continuation of yesterday's rant by the way....

NOW: MINUS 26... but here is the important number... with windchill... feels like MINUS 38. For you Americans, Celcius and Farenhiet meet up at Minus 40. So in your thinking it is Minus 15, but feels like Minus 32.

Now I'm no genious, but isn't that the weather for January... NOT March?!!?

Okay, enough complaining... I need to leave in 15 minutes and it's going to take that long to get bundled up!
Joyska at 4:49 AM

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Is it SPRING yet?

MARCH 4 and minus 20.

Yes, I am back in Winnipeg. I was thinking this morning that March last year, I was wearing my flip flops already. Kansas City weather may not have called for it, but as a Manitoban, it was warm enough! Today, just leaving the house makes me sad.

I'm sick of my jacket, I've been wearing it everyday since November. My toque (hat for you Americans) is actually fraying! My mitts are leather, but are beginning to look worn out, and my boots have seen better days. I'm not complaining... okay... yes, I am. But I am longing for warmer days!

The snow in my front yard and back yard, well... is still knee deep. My heating bills are well... obscene. I'm feeling the stir craziness of March in sub zero weather.

And then I go to work and it stops being about me, and it becomes about these women and men who have survived the worst of Winnipeg's weather while being homeless. They are happy to have a coat, they would love to have a heating bill, and the stir crazy idea is the opposite, they would love to have a place to call home.

It's all a matter of perspective.
Joyska at 9:17 AM