Joyska's Journal: November 2004

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

"You are 600 points from being the devil"

Anyone else loose power for 2 hours last night? It's amazing how quickly life simplifies when there is no power in your house. When suddenly there is no TV, Movies, Music to entertain, no way to bake, cook, vacuum... (not all of this is a bad thing!) and no real way to see clearly so reading is a little more difficult... but not impossible.

So rather than watch TV, I played cards... hung out with my room mate and watched for the candles to catch something on fire...

I am afraid of too many things, but two of them are the dark... and fire...
So last night, I needed to carry a burning candle into the darkest room of the house, the bathroom... Fears are silly... but too real to dismiss.

It was funny though as I thought of the irony of the situation, but I had no idea how long the power would be out, or how long I could wait... so there you go, necessity conquers fear!
Joyska at 9:48 AM

Monday, November 22, 2004

Canadian Bacon

I watched the movie Canadian Bacon last night. (What else is there to do when the Encounter God service is cancelled) I also watched tiny bits and pieces of the Grey Cup too, but I really didn't care which team won, so it held little interest.

Back to the bacon. This is a movie that is directed by Micheal Moore (Roger and Me, Bowling for Colombine, Farenheite 911) and it was so funny! If you haven't seen it, it is a movie about an American president who gets into office on a slim margine and then is losing popularity because there is too much peace. So the president (Alan Alda) is confinced by his advisors (Kevin Polluck and Rip Torn) to start a war with Canada. The Sheriff and Deputy of Niagra Falls NY are all too happy to be on the front lines (played of course by our own John Candy and Rhea Pearlman) What ensues is a generally goofy portrayal of how Canandians are polite, neat, and trusting. When John Candy pushes through the crowd yelling "GET OUT OF MY WAY" the Canadians apologize! They try to tick the Canandians off by pouring litter on the Niagra Falls Ontario side! They go to the Hydro station and are about to knock the door down, when Candy quips "no body locks their doors here" and just turns the nob. Are we really seen this way to the rest of the world? Are we really this way?

I know I lock my doors. I know I won't apologize to some big oaf who knocks me over while yelling "GET OUT OF MY WAY" and litter? Well, you can ask my room mates how effected I am by that! But heh, I lived 14 years in the states... maybe I'm not the one to ask! But, I apologize if I have offended anyone, I'll leave the door to my office unlocked (while I'm here) and I'll be sure to pick up all litter on my way home. Because after all... I am Canadian.
Joyska at 9:50 AM

Sunday, November 21, 2004

The Santa Clause Parade

Ahh, Gone are the days of waiting up all night to see if Santa is coming! Now I stand on the street outside of Portage Place for an hour and a half to see the big man coming on a huge sleigh... with thousands of people, losing all feeling in my toes... watching as children get closer and closer to the floats as they try to navigate through the crowd... then of course the wonderful traffic jams that follow... all to see the big man in the red suite.

I love it! Christmas is such a great season, and though it is not about the jolly gentleman, I love the parades, the lights, the music proclaiming God's coming everywhere you go... It's awesome.

I came home and watched Cheryl assemble the Advent Wreathe for this morning. We put on Micheal W. Smith's Christmas Album (which of course is the FIRST CD of every christmas season) and begged Cheryl to let me put up the tree. (The girl is evil... no tree until December 1!!!!) I did manage to get her to let me put it up next Sunday... Wahoo!!!

Anyway, it is way too early to say Merry Christmas, but as Advent is apon us (next week Sunday... a week from today) it is definitely time to make the season bright!

Joyska at 6:36 AM

Friday, November 19, 2004

Vanity, shmanity

ummmmmm.... snow is on it's way... maybe.
I'm at Deanna's. we are planning to watch a movie but the best entertainment of the evening has already occured.

Deanna read "God made you special" to Simeon and had Cheryl laughing hysterically! The scene was quite humorous as I was sitting with a towel wrapped around my shoulders waiting for the new hair colour to take effect, Cheryl was rocking in the rocking chair (and wants to know... what is a Lundt anyway?!?!) as Deanna with very accurate Veggie Tale voices read the book to Simeon. I think that Cheryl and I were as enthralled as the boy!

SHHHHH... we must be vewy vewy qwiet... Sim is now being put down... oh wait, let me rephrase that... being put to, that's not any better... he's going to bed, yeah, that works. We (Cheryl and I) are now forced to sit quietly and wait... if you know me and or Cheryl, this is a difficult task! Especially together!

The buzzer just beeped... I need to wash that gray right out of my hair...

Well there you go. A pretty Auburn brown. Wow what a girl won't go through to be beautiful and vain!

Well, Simeon is still not sleeping (probably due to the inability on our part to be qwiet... sorry Dee) Before this night is through, however, we will watch Supersize Me... even if we have to let the boy watch it with us!!!

Joyska at 6:24 PM

Thursday, November 18, 2004


I had no idea you were all so funny!
Joyska at 10:40 AM

Monday, November 15, 2004

forgot what I was gonna say...

I went to blogger, hit create post... and forgot totally what I was going to write about... must be the pressure of coming up with something creative!

How bout a joke?

Why did the Rooster cross the road?

Because the chicken was too smart!!! hehehehehehahahahahahhohohohoho


(This joke is inspired by the Rose family)
Joyska at 11:52 AM

Sunday, November 14, 2004

These boots were made for walking

I took a risk a little while ago. I was shopping and came across a pair of high heel boots -- the ones that zip up the whole length of your calf -- yeah, the "sexy ones". Anyway they were on sale for $20.00 (regularly 79.99) and I thought, wow! That's a steal. So I bought them. This was probably two weeks ago. I haven't had the courage to wear them! They are so different than what I normally wear, and I have NEVER worn heels before!

SO... Today (a Sunday of all days) I get the courage to wear them. (Okay I did try them in the house and once to a movie... but I was in the dark most of that time!!!) I got all dressed up this morning (the skirt, the hair... I almost even wore make-up... what is happening to me?!!??) I get downstairs, put on my boots, look in the mirror and chicken out. But I was determined to wear the boots, so upstairs I went and changed into my LONG jeans. So I am wearing the boots, but no one can really see them... whew! (of course I feel like Andre the Giant!)

THEN... I step out my front door, take two steps and far from gracefully grab the railing as I almost tumble head over such glorious heels. Still determined, and slightly embarrassed, I keep going. I have about a 3 or 4 block walk to get to church... HEELS WERE NOT MADE FOR WALKING!!!! Maybe I'm not walking properly, I don't have enough of a swoosh, or I can't do the model cross leg while you walk thing... I don't know, but here I sit, in my office, contemplating HOW ON EARTH will I make it through Kids Church in HEELS...

Sometimes, trying to change is a little silly...
Joyska at 6:33 AM

Friday, November 12, 2004

Not much to say today. The weather is warm, the sun is shining and... WHY AM I INSIDE!?!?!?

The kids are coming tomorrow to pray for the Youth while they are on retreat. I love this idea! The kids were going to go to the retreat but transportation and time etc, got in the way of that, so instead the kids will join me here in the prayer room at WCV to pray for the youth of our church. TOO FUN!!

Well, like I said the sun is shining and it's actually relatively warm out so I am going for a walk and soak it in while I still can...

Have a great day all!!!
Joyska at 11:25 AM

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

signs of change

I was sitting in the office this morning and was thinking about how different it looks since Nancy left. Gone is the HUGE desk in the middle that symbolized the creative synergy (and mess) that we could muster... Gone are the boxes of stuff that needs to be brought upstairs. Gone is the evidence of Jessica playing on the computer. Gone also are the loud laughs and realization that they put us across the hall so that the main office was uneffected by our peals of laughter.

What is in it's place is an office evidently run by someone who is working on the side for Coca-cola. Lots of floor space in the center of the room, and more books than you can shake a stick at. It's a busy place... lots of candy to lure people in to visit, a seating area and the ever present mess that follows the creative... (yeah, that's why it's messy).

And then, the realization that this office will change again... soon. Coke will no longer sponser WCV children's ministry office space. There will be a new face and a new style that occupies this space. I'm excited to see what it will all look like in a few months time.

The process for me is really hitting home. (If you couldn't figure that out from this entry) I really am leaving. With that comes sadness... and great excitement. And the craziness that accompanies moving. I went to see what i have in storage, and it can probably fill (sparcely) an apartment. I haven't lived by myself for 6 years and only then for one year. I'm looking forward to that. I love my room mates (So Cheryl if you are reading this, don't take it personally), but I know it will be good to have a place to call my own.

Anyway, enough of this reminiscing and projecting the future. There is much to do TODAY, so I will continue on the journey.

Joyska at 10:44 AM

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Here we support...

Well, I spent most of yesterday working on my support raising letter. Kansas City is a wonderful opportunity, and it is also becoming a missionary again. It's an ackward balance when writing these letters. I have no desire to manipulate people into feeling obligated to support me financially, but i also don't want to soft pedal it so that there is no motivation. I think I have struck a good balance.

So here we go... it's a perilous journey of sorts. But it's amazing how faith building it is. I raised support for a number of years a while ago, and was constantly amazed how God would provide... again and again and again. When I got a job that paid, it was easy to forget that ultimately every dime comes from him, because suddenly the pay cheque was garuanteed. That's a good way to live too... don't get me wrong, but the faith growing aspect can be fun. It has it's level of stress as well, but I know that God is faithful, I have heard him say "go" and in obedience I will go and I believe he will make the way!

It's good. But it is shaking everything I depend on. Yeah God!! That's what I've been praying for..."Shake everything that hinders love" So hang on, cuz the ride has begun!!!
Joyska at 9:15 AM

Monday, November 08, 2004

Many things!

There are many things to bring you all up to date on! So rather than have one super long paragraph, I will update you by topic.

Lack of communication:
Thank you to those of you who have been wondering where I am and how I am doing as it has been over a week since I blogged. The phone calls were appreciated. It has been a tougher week than normal... my move to Kansas City is moving slowly, so I think I am a little more stressed about that than I was willing to admit. (of course, everyone else saw it on me!) Anyway, thanks for your prayers and input)


I went to the hair dresser (hair mutilater) on Friday. I said "I would like it a little shorter and something that works well with my curls." Needless to say, (from my earlier comment) I look like I got in a fight with a lawn mower and the lawn mower won! (All I can say is-- you should see the lawn mower!!)

Here are some of the best comments so far:

"It will grow back"
"Your hair is shorter everytime I see you"
"Wow, your hair is gone"
"It's... cute"
"I'm getting used to it"
In response to my saying I look like a tent,"no... more like a mushroom"
"it's a little young"
"You look so much better with short hair"
"It's different... do YOU like it... cause that is what is important"

O to be able to put the hair back on! I'm amazed at how a hair cut can so affect how I feel about myself. crazy... pictures!!!

Going Home for Christmas:
I did it! I booked a flight home (thanks to my friends and parents with gifts and loans) I haven't been home for Christmas in 5 or 6 years. That is incredible to me. I haven't seen any of my family in almost 2 years. That's even more amazing to me. The nieces and nephews are all growing up so fast... I have seven of them... and I rarely see them. If my family is reading this... I can't wait to see you all!

Watching the night sky:
Last night, Cheryl J and her friend yuta and I went outside of the city to watch the Northern Lights. I must confess, I went along not expecting to be awed or impressed. I've seen them before, they are cool and everything, but... they're northern lights. But I have never seen them through the eyes of someone who has never seen them. (okay maybe the first time I saw them) I tried to put myself in his shoes (being from Japan) and found myself in awe.

And then I realized it was going to be awhile til I could see them again. Kansas is too far south to see the Northern Lights and suddenly I was more impressed. Funny how we take such things for granted heh? Then I started thinking, what else do I need to do and see before I leave this great country of ours? Even in Winnipeg, what have I not seen or done that is "Winnipegonian" in nature? Any ideas? Anyone want to join me in doing some of these things before January????

Okay so that is the practical updates. God is teaching me incredible things about his character and his love as I continue my reading through the old and new testament simultanously. Fascinating and life-changing... but that is for another blogging day!

I like that... is it a blogging or a non blogging day... that is the question!!!
Joyska at 7:34 AM