Joyska's Journal: April 2008

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cool story

The other day at the mission, we were hosting our evening meal for the homeless community. Due to a growing number of patrons as things are getting tighter financially for everyone, we were about half way through the line of over 300, and realized we may not have enough food prepared. We have food, but it wasn't necessarily ready to serve. I could see the "panic" in the eyes of our cook, but we just kept serving and praying.

Not more than 10 minutes later, a truck pulled up from the MS Super Walk here in the city. The walk happened that day and they had Subway Sandwiches left over. They asked for some help unloading, and we thought maybe a couple hundred sandwiches...

Well, lets say it was more like 1000 or more sandwiches... and we didn't run out of food! It was such an affirmation that God is fully aware of all our needs... down to sandwiches for the homeless. LOVE it!
Joyska at 3:27 PM

Thursday, April 10, 2008

walking in Bible times

The last few days I have been thinking alot about the life of Jesus. I read through the gospels again this week and was struck again by the healings that Jesus did all through out His life. It causes my heart to cry out for healing power here on earth again... true healing. As I look at what He did, it was healing of the blind, of the deaf, of demonic posession, of the lame, of the leper or untouchables... basically he healed those who were out casts of the present day society. He raised people from the dead. He feed thousands of people with so little... He touched those that no one else would touch.

As I was musing and praying about this, I got up and headed out for work. Right outside my door, heading up the street, where three of the patrons that I know from Siloam. There was a man pushing his wife in a wheelchair with a blind man on his arm. Beside those three was a man I didn't know who was walking with crutches, all of them struggling with solvent abuse. All of them smelling of solvents and in most of the city are considered "unclean".

As I got to work, I looked around during the day and saw all that Jesus would have seen in Biblical times. And I realized I was walking in Biblical times. Today is a day where it is still possible to see healing. In a day when so many voices are saying Jesus is NOT the only way, I have to say He is the only one who will bring healing for these ones.

And so I continue to pray for Jesus to again walk with power through us in the inner city core of Winnipeg.
Joyska at 2:22 PM

Monday, April 07, 2008

Quick update

wow... almost a month since my last blog...

I'm heading out to work so I can't write much right now, but to summarize I will just say it's been a busy month. Mostly it's just work, but it's all consuming in many ways. My heart loves and breaks for these ones every day. Working with homeless men and women can take alot out of me, and yet they give so much as well.

We've had some big fights these past couple weeks too, and that takes even more emotionally. But as I say many times, it's all part of the job and I really do love it.

So yes, I am still alive, I am still breathing, and I will blog more as now I feel like there is more to say... :)
Joyska at 5:14 AM