Joyska's Journal: September 2004

Thursday, September 30, 2004

september is over?!?!?!

Joyska at 9:47 AM

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

the benefactor

Last night, I wasted a lot of time watching TV. It's amazing how addictive that little box can be. It is filled with reality show after reality show. What ever happened to the sitcom? Anyway, I have scoffed at and even ranted at the show "the benefactor" as a show that just perpetuates the love and lust of money in our society. but I watched it anyway

Last night the host of the show (some billionaire) gave 1000.00 to all ten of the contestants and then told them to do whatever they wanted with it. They had until 8:00 that night to use the money. I was struck at how similar this was to the parable of the talents. He was looking for them to do something with the money that would impress him and would be the determination of whether or not they went on to the next show. Some of the contestants went and spent money on their dreams... something they always wanted to do, but never had the money... like one guy went and hired a patent lawyer to patent one of his ideas for an air traffic control system, one went and bought a thousand dollar guitar so that he could become a rock star. Another went and became a hockey player for the day... wierd

What would you do with a thousand dollars in one day? Would you spend it on necessities or go after your dream? It's a harmless and interesting question... because of course, I don't have a thousand dollars to spend by 8:00 tonight!

But i'm curious what people would do with it...

TPB quote of the day

"i give you my word as a Spaniard"
"No good, I've known too many Spaniards"
"I swear on the name of my father, Domingo Montoya, you will reach the top alive"
"throw me the rope"

Have a great day!
Joyska at 11:02 AM

Saturday, September 25, 2004

hmm... a coke lava lamp...

I was reading over some comments made awhile ago on one of the blogs... someone mentioned seeing a Coke lava lamp at WalMart. First of all... it's Coke, so that is cool in and of itself, secondly it's a lava lamp... that is just retro cool and thirdly... it's at WalMart. Who could ask for anything more?


I went to WalMart recently and discovered that I could not find said lava lamp. I found cool Coke cutlery, bowls (which I have) glasses,(which I also have) a dish set (next on my list) a cookie jar (got it) but no lava lamp.

So whoever told me about the lava lamp... (you know who you are!) is this a cruel joke, or just a figment of your imagination? Cause if it's a joke... not very funny (funny just not very funny) and if it's your imagination... get some help! Maybe the aliens abducted it, because you know... that is still a huge problem! (See Forgotten if you are confused)

TPB Quote

"Fezzik, jog his memory"
*hits the albino over the head with his huge fist*
"I'm sorry Inigo, I did not mean to jog him so hard"
Joyska at 5:32 PM

Friday, September 24, 2004

Watching the Amazing Race is like watching football...only different!

I sat in utter amazement as I watched the first hour of the two hour finale for the Amazing Race television show... it wasn't so much watching the bowling mom try to climb a rope on a cliff that looked like the cliffs of insanity... it wasn't watching the models try to scab their way to the top on the backs of Chip and wasn't even laughing with delight as Collin and Kristy fell out of their boat was my roommates.

Now, I know that I can get very excited and even rowdy when I am at a football game. I've been known to yell such things as "KILL HIM" and "RUN YOU IDIOT... PASS THE BALL...YOU'VE GOT A WHOLE TEAM OTHER THAN CHARLES ROBERTS!!! (as good as Charles is)" I've even been known to jump to my feet when the Bombers make a touchdown (seemed I did this a lot last season... this season, not so much). But I have never experienced anything like watching the Amazing Race with Cheryl and Rose. Cheryl was yelling and screaming, jumping up and down and yelling "GOD LOVES CHIP, GOD LOVES CHIP!" God loves Chip?!?!?!

My favourite moment however, was during the second hour of the show. I was on the phone in the other room and I heard screams of delight and enthusiasm. I poke my head into the living room and there are Cheryl and Rose on their feet both transfixed on the TV. Followed of course by screams of Joy as Chip and Kim win the Million dollars. Amazing. It was so loud and so bousterious (sp?) that I felt like I was at a football game... with 20,000 other fans... but then again, it was my roommates, if you know them, you'll understand.


"Are those rocks ahead?"
"If they are, we'll all be dead!"
Joyska at 2:08 PM

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Comment confusion

Okay, so I write nothing and post an empty blog and recieve 6 comments! Then I write a longer blog (anything is longer than nothing right?) and I receive 0 comments. Are you all trying to tell me something? (I sure hope not... cuz I will probably keep writing whether you all comment or not... so ... there... *sniff*... yeah....)
Joyska at 9:31 AM

Sunday, September 19, 2004

The many uses of a shopping cart

Living in the North End has certainly given me opportunity to see many an interesting thing. My favourite however, has to be the North End moving van. I will often (usually around the end of the month) see someone walking down the street with one (sometimes two side by side) shopping cart filled with all their possessions. Sometimes it is a mattress piled precariously on top of a TV, other times it is boxes of kitchen type items, and my personal favourite is the two side by side with a kitchen table and chairs piled on top. People are quite ingenious when they have to be!

I was walking with a friend down main street last night heading to Shoppers Drugmart for my daily dose of Diet Coke. As we were walking there was an older native gentleman who could barely walk. He was using a shopping cart as a walker. Now that was a new one for me. We walked past him as he made some comment like, "Hey beautiful" (had to throw that in, I don't get those kind of comments too often... hehehe) Not too long after I heard said shopping cart fall over. We turned around and sure enough the gentleman who had definitely had a few too many, had fallen over right along Main street. We ran back to help him up (which took both of us) and sent him on his way... with his shopping cart.

It's funny though, I can't help feeling like this old gentleman could have been more than he seemed. We left him, went to Shoppers and returned the same way we came. The shopping cart was in the middle of the sidewalk, but the old man was nowhere to be seen. Maybe he got on a bus... maybe... well, I'm just glad we helped him up.

TPB Quote of the day:

What about the ROUSes?
Rodents of unusual size? I don't think they exist...umph (as he is attacked by an ROUS)

Have a great day!
Joyska at 7:05 AM

Friday, September 17, 2004

saying nothing says a lot

Wow, you go to make a profound thought, and end up with nothing to say, accidentally hit post, and there you go, you profoundly affect many! (or is it effect-- I can never remember!) I seriously sat down yesterday to say some deep things but the waters were pretty shallow. (happens to the best of us eh?)

Today I don't have much to say either, but I had to comment on the discussion that ensued my blunder yesterday!

I've been fasting all media (except the computer...)and find that I have so much time!! amazing heh? God sure has more opportunity to get my attention when I'm not in front of that crazy box! It's been really good and I am actually loving the silence!

TPB Quote of the day:

Is there a town nearby?
There is nothing nearby.
Then there will be no one to hear you scream.
Joyska at 3:44 PM

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Joyska at 8:40 AM

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Let me just call the caterers

I have the wonderful and fun job of finding a caterer for the Vineyard Regional meetings here in Winnipeg at the beginning of October. It's been kind of fun calling up these guys and saying "Yes we would like to cater a four day event for 50-60 people." I sound so high class!!

It's been funny here in the office too. Yesterday, one of the staff asked me to help them do something and my response was, "Sure in a minute, let me just call the caterers". I got a good laugh out of that. I am sure that it will be a wonderful event as far as the food goes, but man o man, is it ever a different experience for me!

SO, while I go an d call the caterers AGAIN! (it takes many phone calls to make this work) enjoy your PB and J! (That's what I plan on eating for lunch!)

TPB quote

"The chocolate makes it go down easier"

Have a good one!
Joyska at 10:21 AM

Monday, September 13, 2004


Kristin, Stephen and I went to the Bombers game yesterday! (We invited Yvonne, but there didn't seem to be any interest there). It was a great game and it didn't even rain. In fact about half way through the third quarter the sun came out and I had to take my jacket off and wear my sun glasses! It was the perfect day for the perfect game.

Kids Church went off with out a hitch as well. It was so fun to have the kids back and hanging out with them! We have some awesome kids in our church I have tell you! Andy Wood led worship and the kids dances around and had fun as they worshiped Jesus. I love it when that happens. We went on to talk about the Bible and why it is important to our everyday lives. I challenged the kids to learn all the books of the Bible... so I guess I challenged myself as well... I don't know them all myself! Do you? I'm amazed how little I do know about this book that is supposed to be the guide in my life. I'm learning though, and the more I learn, the more I want to know! It's a cool thing!

My day was a good one yesterday, filled with surprises (not the least of which was a Bombers win) and a lot of amazing God moments.

TPB Quote of the day:
"There may be problems once we get in..."
"I'll say there may be problems, how so we stop the wedding? Once we do, how do I find the count? Once I do, where will I find you again? Once we're together, how do we escape?
"Don't pester him with so many questions... he's been mostly dead all day"
Joyska at 1:08 PM

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Night before jitters

It is Saturday Night and I am nervous about starting Kids Church tomorrow. I've been working up to it all summer and am excited about the potential, but I still keep thinking about all the details I might have forgotten. This is a time when I really miss Nancy. We used to laugh and plan late into the night and drive poor Jessica crazy as she was trying to sleep in the next room. There was one time when we were planning daycamp and we had this huge piece of paper strewn across Nancy's living room floor as we literally drew out in poster form all that we were going to do from object lessons to snacks, to what craft and what crazy skit would go where. Then we would laugh ourselves silly as we wrote skit after crazy skit all in the name of educating children in "the way". We would laugh until we cried, eat some chocolate and laugh some more. There is a picture of us that is taped to my desk where our arms are crossed and we are back to back... "The dynamic duo" someone called us when they saw the picture.

Nancy is in Kelowna doing her thing with kids there... I am here in Manitoba doing my thing here. It's all good and we both know it's God... but I still miss her. So tomorrow morning I will head into Kids Church with excitement and anticipation... but also just really missing a dear friend... so Nancy, if you are reading this... well, know you are missed! (and comment for goodness sake!)

There is a certain folly to reminiscing. It doesn't bring people back, it doesn't change the current situation, but when it is someone as hilarious as Nancy that you are remembering, it certainly makes you smile!

TPB Quote of the day:
Buttercup: "and to think, all this time it was your cup that was poisoned"
Westley: "they were both poisoned. I spent the last two years building up an immunity to iocane powder.
Buttercup: "who are you?
Westley: "I am no one to be trifled with, that is all you ever need know."

(okay once again doesn't fit with my thoughts for today, but it is a great scene!)
Joyska at 11:08 PM

Friday, September 10, 2004

Friday-- ah

Yeah it's Friday!! Time to kick back, relax, hang out downtown... hey it's my day off! what am I doing at the office?

Well once again Kids Church begins in 2 little short days. Things are pretty much ready to go, but there are just lots of little details that I want to have in place before everything kicks off with a fury on Sunday AM. I'm excited about this year. It's a little bit wierd because I am planning right into June, but I will be gone in January or February... yet, I feel like I'll be here. I keep saying things like, "when we do the Spring Children's service..." or "we should do another go- camp in April" or "We should already be looking ot a daycamp for spring break". Ah... it's a good thing God knows what he is doing!

But as for the fall... I am totally in and completely excited. The first six weeks focus on the WORD, WORSHIP, and WONDERS. I'm waiting in anticipation of what God will do with the kids, with our leaders and with the church! WOOHOO!

Just a quick health update. I went to the doctor (AGAIN) this morning and showed her the evidence of my taking my shots and finger pricks everyday for the past week... (the fact that my fingers look like pincushions and my belly like a chicken pox infected child should have been enough evidence... but noooo, she had to see the actual numbers in my meter... doctors are evil...) Apparently, the dosages aren't yet high enough, so I am increasing the morning and evening dosages as well as adding a shot if the snack I am eating has too many carbs. I'm getting a little tired of all the poking and prodding, but eventually it will get under control. My numbers are better, but not as low as they would like them to be. Who is "they" anyway? Whoever made the "normal range" is NOT a diabetic... I can promise you that!

Anyway... so there is my complaining for the day. I'm sure you enjoyed it just as much as I did!

TPB quote of the day:
Westley-It's possible pig... you miserable warthog buffoon...
Prince Humperdinck-I think that is the first time anyone has dared to insult me...
Westley-it won't be the last!

(Okay, so today it doesn't quite fit with the days topic, but it is so fun to say!)
Joyska at 12:29 PM

Thursday, September 09, 2004

I got a new bike!

WOOHOO! A new bike for me! I went to an appointment today and left with a new bike for me. Someone had given it to her and she didn't want it... So she gave it to me! Now you may not find that very exciting, but I have not owned a bike since I was 13 years old. That was 20 years ago! I got on it to ride it home and it was the funniest thing... I still could balance it! (I was quite worried that I was going to get on the bike and fall over immediately infront of my friend!) Thankfully I even rode it gracefully and looked like I knew what I was doing!

I got home (after biking for 20 minutes!-- it would have taken me 45 minutes to walk!) and pulled the bike into the house. (I wouldn't suggest leaving such a fine piece of sporting equipment out in my neighbourhood!) I sat down and suddenly discovered that my legs had pains in them I didn't previously know. Man am I ever out of shape! It's a sad day when a 20 minute bike ride causes pain. What's even sadder is that I have this crazy idea in my head that I want to someday run a marathon... so I went outside at like 11:00 at night (so no one could see me) and was all decked out in my new work out clothes and thought, "I'm going to run until I can't run anymore... I mean the guys in the olympics ran hard for ten seconds and won medals for it... how hard could it be?). Well, let me just say... I won't be running the 100 meter dash anytime soon. I couldn't even run for 10 seconds!!! I tell ya, I am hopeless on this exercise thing. I had to laugh at myself though as I ran down my street... couldn't even make it half a block... then I went back inside... after all, it was 11:00 at night and in my neighbourhood, if you are out that late on your own, you need to be able to run more than half a block!

Anyway, I'm not discouraged. I'm convinced that someday, someway, I will become athletic, slim, trim, and one lean machine... of course, that may only be a dream... but I need to sleep more anyway!

TPB quote for today:

And remember this is for prosterity's sake... so do be honest, how do you feel?
Joyska at 7:41 PM

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

a week away

I cn't believe it's been a whole week since I have posted anything! For those of you who check often, I apologize! I have had a crazy week. I feel a bit like a pin cushion in that I have literally been poking myself 11 times a day... 5 times with insulin and six times on my fingers to check my sugars! Yikes.

On top of that I have been busy preparing to speak this past week and now am trying to pull all the pieces together for the start of kids church... like in 4 DAYS!!! AHHH! Okay, so this is a short blog to let you all know I am still alive and haven't forgotten about you all.

TPB quote of the day:
I've been mostly dead all day and you think a little head jiggle will make me happy?!

Have a good one! AND thanks for the encouraging comments both on my health and on the preaching! It means a lot to me!
Joyska at 10:02 AM

Thursday, September 02, 2004

You're the dealer today

I spent the last 3 and half hours at the doctors. It started with an 8:30 meeting with the diabetes educator, where she introduced me to all the cool new gadgets that I will have to have with me at all times for the rest of my life (or until Jesus heals me!) and then it was an hour with the doctor as he told me all the evil things that diabetes does to your body and how important it is to take care of it all... (does "purpose in your heart" ring in anyone else's head?) then it was back to the diabetes educator (whose name is Katherine) and actually giving myself my first shot. So there you go.

It's been a little more stressful than I thought it was, in that I have rocks in my shoulders. But overall I am fine and feel very little emotion about the whole thing. I trust and believe that I am in God's hands *insulin shots or not* and that it doesn't hinder what he has for me to do. Call it my "thorn in the flesh" if you will.

I had to laugh though, because the doctor told me to get the drugs from Katherine... I just couldn't help but say, "so, she's the dealer today?" The doctor laughed really hard at that... I mean I know I'm funny but... so incase you are feeling down and low... Remember... "You're the dealer today!" (Let me know if that worked for ya!)

TPB quote of the day;

It's Iocain... I'd bet my life on it... the princess is alive, at least she was an hour ago, and if she is otherwise, I shall be very put out!
Joyska at 12:15 AM