Joyska's Journal: October 2007

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Siloam... Day 1

Today I started my job at Siloam mission. It has been a GREAT day. The morning consisted of orientation type things (once I got there! I was actually LATE for my first day... missed my bus... crazy bus!) Lots of information and lots of people to meet. Siloam is an amazing organization with a maze of a facility! It won't be a maze within a week I'm sure, but today I only got lost three times!

The mission is open from 8:00 to 2:00 and again at 6. The patrons (as they are called) are awesome! There are the classic grumpy men, the flirtateous ones, the funny ones, and the down right rude ones, but each of them is there because they are hungry and many are simply cold. It snowed today, and it's been wet and cold so there were many who hung out all day.

I really enjoyed just serving them, clearing tables and chatting as the meals were being served. I will get to do a lot more of that, but today with all the orientation, it was a short amount of time. I did know more of them than I thought I would, and that was cool. I knew many of the staff as well, so that was way too fun!

There is so much to be said, and I know there will be many more stories, but for now, I will say, I am THRILLED to be there.
BUT RIGHT NOW... I am off to a prayer meeting for the poor! :)
Joyska at 4:22 PM

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


It has been a crazy busy week since my last blog.
I put in my two weeks notice at Blessings and have pretty much worked every day since. I do have tomorrow off and that is good as my poor feet just can't take too much more of this! I work Thursday night and some of Friday and then officially I am no longer employed at Blessings full time. I will do some hours here and there to finish out some commitments and projects I've been working on, but for the most part, I am done at Blessings on Friday. I have been so thankful for this job and KNOW that the Lord used it to get me back to Winnipeg, and in a round about way to get the job at Siloam.

BUT, before any of that happens....
ONETHING hits the city in less than 48 hours! yikes!
The crew arrives Thursday afternoon, and the conference kicks into to full gear on Friday night. I am so excited! I really believe God is doing some ground work for a mighty move of His Spirit in this city. As usual, His timing is perfect. SO MANY words have been spoken over this city and we long for them all to come to pass. I think this weekend is going to be significant in breaking some of that open.
If you are in Winnipeg, COME. If you aren't and can't get here, please PRAY that all that is on God's heart is received in this city. I'll write more after the conference, but please keep the One Thing team in your prayers as they deal with crossing the border, leading the conference here in Canada for the FIRST time, and then head out to Calgary next weekend.

Can't wait to see what God is about to do in Winnipeg! WOO HOO!
Joyska at 9:13 PM

Monday, October 15, 2007

TA DA!!!!

Well, it's official, so I can tell you all now.

The call went something like this:

Hi, this is Vicki, I'm wondering if you could help me find a book.

Sure, which book?

It's by Dave Hansley... (I type furiously and can't find it in the system)

Sorry, we don't seem to carry it... Is there anything else I can help you find?

Well, I'd like to offer you a FULL TIME position at SILOAM MISSION ( if you are interested)

Absolutely! I would be thrilled to take the job.

Good, we would be thrilled to have you.

There were many other things said after that, but I was unable to express my excitement at the moment as customers and co workers were all around. However I stated that I was ecstatic, and that I was looking forward to it.

So as of November 1, 2007 I will be officially employeed (AND PAID WELL!!!) at Siloam Mission. I will be working the "frontline homeless" which basically means hanging out with the guys that come in to eat, as well as serving, and just getting to know them, and helping them get connected in the other ministries Siloam offers. As I said it is full time, and has benefits, 3 weeks holidays and well... more than anything it is what I want to do! WOOO HOOOO!

THREE HUGE POINTS! (that one was for you Lisa!)

So that was my big announcement. I apologize to those of you who thought I was getting married or something crazy like that... not happening! :)

Thanks to all of you who have been praying. This is a HUMUNGUOUS answer to prayer and I couldn't be more thrilled! I miss Hope City like crazy, but this is an amazing step in that direction!
Joyska at 8:41 PM

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

let's see, the update many of you may be looking for has once again been more week. Stay tuned, even if you have no clue what I am talking about! haha

Today, was a bit of a milestone since my return to this soon to be winter wonderland. My sugars this morning were 5.4. (that is good) When I came back a mere six weeks ago, they were... well NOT 5.4. I'm still dealing with some numbness in my feet and not always sure how I feel, but hopefully that too will change.

Tonight was week 2 of a prayer meeting for the poor and the homeless here in Kansas City. Cheryl joined me tonight, and last week it was Deb and I. WOO HOO, we are up to three already! I mean that seriously. I know that the poor and homeless are part of what I am called to in this city so anyone who joins in is a plus!

Today, while downtown I counted 5 folks in wheelchairs, 3 on crutches and 2 more in wheel chairs because of missing limbs. I found myself crying out for healing to fall on the city in unparralled ways. I was praying for limbs to grow back and hearts to soften, all for the glory of His name.
But I didn't go to anyone and ask if they wanted prayer. I was too concerned about getting home, or meeting my friend. Jesus is gracious and forgiving, but I don't want to always fault to that you know?
Anyway, there was a man in front of Portage Place, also waiting for the bus. I saw his lips moving and assumed he was another "crazy" person talking to himself. As I moved closer I realized he was singing. What caught me though was he was singing "Jesus died for me, and for you"
I had to get on my bus, but I wondered as we drove away from him, and people looked at him strangely, if he was making an impact just by saying His name. And since many hours later, I'm writing about it... I guess he did.
My prayer is that I too, would make an impact whether at work, wandering downtown, or praying in my warm home. Impact. Good word.
Joyska at 8:02 PM

Thursday, October 04, 2007


It's been a little while since I blogged. Partially that is because I am busier than I have ever been as I balance full time days at Blessings and being involved with Sanctuary when I can and starting my own prayer meeting for the poor.

It's awesome and I love it, but yes... I am tired, and my blog isn't the first thing I think of when I come home! I have enjoyed my job and have found the work relatively easy and stress free. It does get a little crazy when there is a line of people and I keep making mistakes. haha

My sugar battle is going well I guess. My sugars are at around 8-12, where normal is 6-8. I've always known I was above normal! haha.
The meds I am taking are numerous, and the circulation in my feet and legs is hopefully getting better. I'm still amazed at the amount of tests and the amount of blood that is taken on a regular basis, AND that it is all free! Meds are expensive for now, but once I have my benefits, that will be covered as well. Amazing.

The change I was refering to in my last email is still unsure. I will know soon however and will blog once it is all out in the open. Got ya wondering don't I? hehehe

Joyska at 3:31 PM