Joyska's Journal: December 2005

Saturday, December 31, 2005


Happy New Year
Joyska at 2:24 PM

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Things NOT to say to a McDonald's Drive through attendant

Kristi, Shane and I were in the midst of a lively discussion as we went through the McD's the attendant was handing Kristi the food, she made eye contact and said:

"Wait a second, when He returns, don't we get our bodies?"
Joyska at 10:36 PM

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Slim and Goldie

Today is Tuesday. That means I go to the city and pray.

It was a much quieter prayer meeting than the one with the 16 police officers, but far more powerful! Slim (our 7 foot friend) came in a little late today, and as soon as he sat down, Manny, one of the IHOPpers, asked if he could pray for him.

Manny called Slim out and was saying over and over again... PURITY... purity... Slim... purity... today... TODAY, and Slim began to cry. When he told the story to Goldie (his wife), she also began to cry.

Apparently, this morning... Slim and Goldie woke up and began talking about the blessings that God has given them, without asking a lot from them. They decided together that they wanted to begin walking with God "better" before those blessings were taken away. Manny's word confirmed and cut deep. We prayed for them for a long time and we can't wait to see what God does.

Lisa and the Hope City crowd are taking 8-10 of our friends down to One Thing tomorrow night. I will be with the kids, but I know that Slim and Goldie, Shawn and Jeremiah (whom I have dubbed Moses and Aaron), Margaret, and a few others will be there to hear Mike Bickle along with 10,000 others. My prayer for them is that God moves their hearts to 100% pursuit!

Mine too.
Joyska at 3:35 PM

Monday, December 26, 2005

December in Kansas City

It is the day after Christmas and it is the calm before the storm. One Thing, the big conference of the year, is two days away and other than setting up, the base is quiet.

But the weather outside is far from frightful. I went out to do my laundry this morning in a t-shirt and jeans. Seriously. It is a balmy 45 degrees F right now and will be around 55 degrees by the end of the day! Wow.

I have little more to say other than it's time to go for a walk!
Joyska at 11:02 AM

Friday, December 23, 2005

Merry Christmas!
Joyska at 12:42 PM

Thursday, December 22, 2005

busy week

so... Monday, baked a 20lb ham, took it downtown and along with 4 turkeys, tonnes of other food, presents galore, and about 100 people, enjoyed a great Christmas celebration.

Tuesday, spent the day again downtown, with some of the same crowd, laughed and prayed our way through the afternoon, connencted with 2 ADORABLE young boys (Chandler, 6, and Mikey, 4), and brought more presents and food! FUN!!!!

Today, after hanging out in the house for the morning and time at the prayer room, I went and painted for 3 hours. So I am tired. It is now late, and i need to sleep... just want to do an update!

Around here it not "3 days til Christmas"... it is "6 days til one thing"! Haha...

I'm also excited about the fact that Christina and her bros are coming and SO ARE SHANE AND KRISTI in 5 days! woohoo! The Canadians are coming again!!! :)
SOOO... if there are any of you trying to figure out how to get that expensive Christmas gift to me... there are now TWO options! heehee
Joyska at 12:07 AM

Sunday, December 18, 2005

over 100 fleeces, wads of paper, and lots of fun!

I just spent the last three hours wrapping over 100 presents, (fleeses from Old Navy and other fun gifts) for the crowd of people coming to the Christmas party downtown! Hope City was given $1000.00 to buy fun stuff for the people we hang with on Monday and Tuesday. There were about 12 of us who came together for a "wrapping" party at Lisa's house in Belton. (BEAUTIFUL house by the way).

The requirement was that you brought food, wrapping paper and scissors. So I packed up my "cup of everything cookies" some funky wrap and jumped in the SUV. TOO fun.

If you know Graeme and Sabrina Walsh, you know that it was a fun evening. These guys are from New Zealand and are so funny. They picked me up and we were laughing in the SUV before we even got there. I needed that!

SO after three hours of competing with the Walsh's to see who could wrap the most gifts, Lisa's team (which I was on of course) KICKED BUTT! We even wrapped some of Lisa's kids presents for her!

Anyway... kind of a pointless post, but it was a good night. And I needed a good night... so once again the faithfulness of God shows itself true! (Not that I doubted it... I just needed it!)
Joyska at 6:34 PM

Friday, December 16, 2005

How is it that you do not understand?

I've been reading in Mark the last 2 days and there is a section that I keep coming back to...

Mark 8:17-21

"But Jesus ,being aware of it, said to them, 'Why do you reason because you have no bread? Do you not yet perceive nor understand? Is your heart still hardened? Having eyes, do you not see? And having ears do you not hear? And do you not remember? When I broke the five loaves for the five thousand, how many baskets full of fragments did you take up?'

They said to Him, 'Twelve.'

'Also when I broke the seven for the four thousand, how many large baskets full of fragments did you take up?'

And they said,'Seven.'

He said to them 'How is it that you do not understand?'"

How is it that you do not understand? What a piercing question. What had the disciples missed? They had been there when he had multiplied the loaves and fish... twice. Once with the 5000, and once with the 4000... which of course was actually more like the 10,000 with the women and children...

They had themselves gathered up the 12 baskets, and the 7 seven LARGE baskets of leftovers on both occasions. The context of this is Jesus telling his disciples to beware the leaven of the Pharisees and of Herod. They thought that Jesus was chastising them for not bringing along more bread... that they would have to ask the people where they were going for provision.

What was the leaven of the Pharisees? I thought it was the "wrong" doctrines, the interpretation of the law that was based on tradition, not commandments... but the phrase "and of Herod" made me think there has to be more to it than that.

BOTH the Pharisees and Herod were asking and looking for a sign that Jesus was who He said He was... They weren't taking the signs that were right in front of them... they wanted something...spectacular? astounding? something with varifiable proof?

The disciples had seen the spectacular, the astounding AND the proof of the leftover baskets... and Jesus says to them, "How is it that you still do not understand?"

I have to take that to heart today. God has proven himself to me over and over again. I have seen him do spectacular things...I have been astounded by His mercy in my life... and the varifiable proof of who He is is all around me. How is it that I don't understand?"

When the question of provision comes up for me, I am quick to forget how he has been faithful... how He has never let me down... and all it takes for Him is a word and the very floodgates of heaven are opened. How is it that I don't understand?
Joyska at 12:26 PM

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

16 to 1

Okay... here is another senario for you to picture:

There are about 15 of us in a room that used to be an office of 10 story apartment building. The office has paisley carpet and red walls that don't go all the way to the ceiling but have support beams about every five feet. The walls are mostly glass with white blinds over each one. This building called "Clyde Manor" is home to about 15 tenants all living significantly below the poverty line, all related in some way or another (cousins, second cousins, uncles, etc,) In our prayer meeting, there are 8 of us from IHOP, various ages, sizes, and temperments. The other 7 are people who live in the building who come to pray with us ranging in age from 14 months to 50 years old. Slim... who is 7 feet tall (NOT an exageration) and pretty much blind... on down to his granddaughter dayday, who is 14 months and the most adorable black child I have ever encountered! Sorry I am rambling...

That is the picture. Got it? Okay, now add a pounding on the main entrance door... Jeremiah, one of the tenants opens the door to two police men who are looking for one of the tenants. Jeremiah responds with... "I don't know where he is... but I'm in a prayer meetin!" After the officer laughs, JEremiah comes back in the room and we keep praying. As we pray... 2 more police show up... followed by two more... followed by two more. (that makes 8 if you aren't counting).

We keep praying... although, because the walls don't go to the ceiling... we can hear everything they are saying, and they can hear us. They are looking for "Zeke". We know Zeke, but hadn't seen him that day, so again we keep praying. One of the other tenants comes down in the elevator... sees all the cops and screeches! To which we all laugh and giggle... 4 more cops show up! By this time there are 6 cruisers surrounding the entrance and from what we hear 4 more cruisers by the back entrance. Slim leans over and says... "last I heard, Zeke was on the fourth floor with a shot gun..." We pray harder.

Amazingly the police NEVER entered the room we were in... they heard us praying, singing, and praying some more and they left us alone. Next thing we know... "Zeke" (not his real name) is being escorted out of the building hands cuffed behind his back surrounded by 6 of the now 16 police men surrounding the building. And we kept praying.

At one point, with all the comotion going on, it was loud and extremely distracting, but Lisa, who heads up this get together/pray meeting in the inner city, says: "If we can keep praying through this chaos, we can pray through anything!" And pray we did!

But it struck me that she was absolutely right. There is always chaos in our lives of some sort or another (hopefully not involving 16 police men and a shot gun!) but we are called to keep focused and praying through all of it. That was helpful to me in more ways than I can say! I love being back in the city. I find such life there. And I LOVE that our strategy right now is simply to feed them on Monday... build community with the same group (who all live in these huge near empty apartment buildings) and have as many as want to join us for prayer on Tuesday. I love too, that the prayer meeting is ALL about them... praying for them, calling out destinies, praying for healing, studying scripture with them and seeing them grow! The kids are starting to come now too... and of course I love that too!
Joyska at 6:43 AM

Monday, December 12, 2005

2 weeks to go

So... ah.... One Thing is 2 weeks away. For those of you who don't know, it is a youth gathering of up to 10,000 people. Apparently there are close to 500 children as well. So... I thought I would spend December in the prayer room, joining in with all the prayers for One Thing, and I am... but I also thought that I would be helping with prep, or planning, or something.

But I am not. That is okay really, but odd. The whole thing is odd. I took the month of December "off" so that I could get a bit of a break, go to some weekend services, pray more... and that has been great. Except for two weekends, I have been ill. Ah well.

I'm not sure where everything is gonna land here in KC, but I know that I am going back out on the street tomorrow for a prayer meeting downtown, and there is great connection and potential there.

Pray for me though. I do feel "out of sorts" and in many ways just "lost" right now. I know that God's plans are perfect and he works all things out...

I started reading Genesis and Matthew again (Genisis in the am, Matthew in the pm) and am struck again by how God lays it all out. His promises are perfect and He does the work to make them come to pass. In the grand scheme of things, it matters little where or how I serve him. It matters simply that I do serve Him, and believe in who He says He is.

Whew... my job just became a WHOLE lot easier!
Joyska at 9:55 AM

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Sanctuary... A House of Prayer... WHERE?

Well... since no one else wants to blog about it... I WILL!

In talking with my dear Winnipeg friends, there was an announcement made on Sunday... Winnipeg is starting "Sanctuary. A House of Prayer in Winnipeg"


So as I sit here in Kansas City at IHOP I am thrilled that there is a House of Prayer being birthed in the city 14 hours NORTH of where I am. I am thrilled that the Lord is burdening people all over the earth to devote themselves to prayer and pursueing His heart 100% (whether in the context of a house of prayer or not).

I'm thrilled because it is the heart of God for my friends and they are running after it! I'm thrilled because only God could call them to such a crazy vision! I'm thrilled because it is what we were created for!

I'm also thrilled because that means that when my visa runs out I have a house of prayer to join on the Canadian side of the border!

I know this is in some ways a hard thing for WCV in particular, but I love the blessing that is happening both ways (that I hear about!) I feel like Paul when he said "I thank my God everytime I think of you"... that is what I get to do!

Yeah GOD!!!!

Sanctuary. A House of prayer in Winnipeg.

Joyska at 3:04 PM

Monday, December 05, 2005

by faith

Have you read Hebrews 11 lately? Actually the whole book of Hebrews is fascinating. The LORD is highlighting this whole "by faith" thing. In my prayer team briefing we are reading through Genesis and are on the story of Joseph. There was a man that had to hold on to all the promises as he found himself sold by his own brothers, bought by Potipher, betrayed by Potipher's wife, thrown into prison, prospered (AS MUCH AS YOU CAN BEING LOCKED AWAY IN A DUGEON), was forgotten by those he helped, and was finally through listening to the LORD and interpreting the kings dream, was released and given "favour".

Talk about having faith. What strikes me about Joseph and all those mentioned in Hebrews 11, was that none of their journey's were easy. Abel walked in faith... was killed by his brother; Enoch, we don't know much about, but it is said that he pleased God and it is impossible to please God without faith. Noah... "hey let's build a MASSIVE boat and tell everyone they are going to die... just for fun! Noah had to have faith in God, and that he would actually do what he said, but he also had to have faith in something he had never seen before... rain. Sure God... whatever you say!

And then Abraham... left his home... believed God for a child even in His old age, believed God would save said child... and di before he saw the promise fulfilled... then there was Moses... great story... lots of hardships... didn't even get to cross the finish line...

But this is the thing... ALL OF THEM... had a different perspective. ALL OF THEM did not consider this life the end all of end all... ALL OF THEM had an ETERNAL perspective.

There are so many other examples of this as well. Paul for one. He figured out how to be content in all things... See it from God's perspective. It all works together for God's plan... That is the best part... it's GOD's PLAN... not mine.

So in light of my last post, what does that mean for me? Well...

it's time for a change in perspective. My not working with children for a time is not earth shattering... the earth has remained on it's axis and the earth did not open up and swallow me... at least not yet. (don't sit too close).

What I do know is that I have been given an incredible opportunity to go deeper into my relationship with the Lord and to hear his perspective for a while. And I get to do it with NO distractions. That is a big deal... a huge privledge... and an incredible honour that I want to steward well.

So it is December 5, and I am standing in a place of faith. I don't get it... I don't really know what happens next... I am often tempted to go home... but I KNOW THAT I KNOW that I am supposed to be here, and so I stand on the promises the Lord gives...and I will NOT worry, I will NOT stress... I will have faith that whatever I thought this was all gonna look like is going to look a lot better when the Lord is done with it.

He promised to provide all my needs. I believe him. He promised to be my rest... I Believe him... He promised that He would return... I believe Him... ETERNAL perspective.

Bring it on!
Joyska at 12:22 PM

Saturday, December 03, 2005

wierd headspace

well... I am definitely in a wierd space these days.

There are a few reasons for it I think. One is that I have been in Kansas City for 9 months and every weekend has consisted of a minimum of 4 services in which I have ministered to and with the 4 and 5 years olds. This weekend I sat in the service.

the services have been great. Not being with the kids... wierd.

It made me realize that in the last 15 -18 years of my life (give or take a few months) I have pretty much NOT been in church services, but rather have been in some capacity with the children.

Who am I outside of that? What do I do? Maybe that is why I am in this headspace... I am finding out what and who I am outside of children...

Any ideas? I know that may be asking for some trouble, but I'm curious... who am I outside of the one "with the kids"?

Another reason for the wierd headspace... I'm a little "winnipeg sick". That is what comes of so many Canadian visitors... so either send more, or call me!
Joyska at 9:05 PM

Thursday, December 01, 2005


well, it is official. I am taking a break from children for three weeks (until One Thing). I am going to take these three weeks and really seek the Lord. I have the opportunity to work with a group that calls themselves Hope City... they are connected to IHOP and are part of the outreach arm of this place. The goal is to bring IHOP to the streets. I love that. So I am connecting with that on Tuesdays and am excited to see what will happen there.

As far as kids go, I'm not sure what is happening in my heart. I know that there will always be a time and a place in my heart and in whatever I do, the Lord will always keep me connected to this next generation. But in what capacity? I don't know.

It's a little unnerving since I have worked with kids for 16 years! But I know that God is in this process and as I press into Him, He will show me... and I am willing and open... to anything.

Maybe I'll end up in Katmandu (sp?) yet... after all I've already been to Tuktoyuktuk, so that only leaves Katmandu and Timbuktu... right?
Joyska at 4:19 PM