Joyska's Journal: May 2007

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Michigan memoires

Ha ha... memoires... not really. just an update.

My niece Megan graduates from Jenison Highschool tonite. Isn't it wild how time passes? I remember the day she was born. I remember her coming to Reformed Bible College when I was a student there, she was 5 and was dressed like a witch! haha. Then the next year she came as a bunny. She's not a witch or a bunny anymore!

I'm so proud of the young women she has become. I recognize that time and distance have not allowed us to know each other well, but everytime we connect it is so good!

My sister is amazing, she has been working toward this day for 17 years. Talk about a party. She and Doug literally have remodeled some of the house, scrubbed it from top to bottom and shopped til they dropped (Cari and I did a LOT of shopping this morning!) I am humbled by how they have poured their lives into their kids.

Grad is tonight, Dad's birthday tomorrow (mom and dad arrive tomorrow as well) and Megan's party is Saturday. Sunday I'm going to festival with old friends and Monday... well rest I hope!

It's good to be here, it's hard to fast and am having a little break from it tomorrow, but back at it again Saturday! haha... grace?

Have a great weekend!
Joyska at 8:28 AM

Monday, May 28, 2007

Hope City shots.

Even on Memorial Day, 58 people came to Hope City. I took 96 pictures and here are just a few.
Joyska at 8:04 PM

Friday, May 25, 2007

that is what I thought!

so those pics didn't show it, but my hair is MUCH darker... try these!
Joyska at 8:59 PM

Can you see the difference?

Joyska at 12:35 PM

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

another night at the dome!

The crowds are gathering!

Last night was so great! Hope City is growing and we had 70 people at my last count! Pastor Pin Gonzalez and Pastor Ray Mabion, along with Lisa Stribling led the night in prayer and focused intercession on the city. The worship team was GREAT and literally didn't want to end.

What I love about Hope City (among other things) is the numbers of cultures that come together and worship with such freedom! The Lord continues to bless, deliver and change lives!

Last night I watched as a young lady who has been struggling for so long, find herself being ministered to by the Lord while surrounded by friends. I watched as another was encouraged and strengthened, and still another find healing in her shoulder (last week!). Marsha also testified this week that she has been healed of Diabities... and the list goes on.

I've said this many times before, but it is a privilege to work in the inner city amongst a people who are hungry to see the Light of Jesus break into the darkness. I think that I have one of the best jobs in the world.

To quote...well, myself...

Joyska at 7:33 AM

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Does anyone else find this picture "threatening"?
Joyska at 9:09 AM

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Out with the old... in with the new

Well... They just took my old smaller fridge from 1988 away and replaced it with a larger 18 cubit (is that right... cubit?!) 2007 whirlpool refridgedairre. It's beautiful... SO CLEAN... SO BIG! I put all my old food that in the old fridge was overflowing, and put it in the new fridge, and suddenly there is more room! The drawers are see through... which means I will REMEMBER that I put all the healthy stuff in the drawers and maybe even eat it! ha-ha... and because it's so clean, I may even try to keep it that way!

Well the process of a new fridge caused a cleaning frenzy in my house. I had to move everything out of the way to fit the new monstrosity (I mean that in the nicest possible way) through the doors, and discovered my vacuuming has obviously only been AROUND the furniture for quite some time now. Before you go calling the health department, please remember that I have been away for three weeks as well!

Then I realized how muddy the floor in the kitchen was because of all the rain and the tracks of the two young men who brought in this magic wonder. So I swept and mopped the floor (less than 24 hours since the last time I had done it!) But now all is back in it's place! WOO HOO!

I'll maybe tell you what else is old and leaving and what new is replacing... but I'm not sure I'm ready for that whole story to go public yet! ha-ha... now I have you curious don't I? MUHAHAHAHAHAHA
Joyska at 7:53 AM

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Quirky qoutes of the Quanadians...

if you have ever been in my apartment, you will understand this quote:
"i've had more encounters with your closet than I have had with God!" - Cassia
Or if you have been around 2 teens, you might get this one:
"i don't like talking to myself, I always know what I'm going to say!" - Jaz
or: "Talking to myself keeps me from being lonely" - Cassia

Overall it's been a great weekend and I was sad to see them get in their car and leave, but they are on their way home, and I have 2 dutch ladies coming on Monday. The revolving door continues! :) I figured it out though... I have not slept in my own bed since April 13th. and won't now until May 22. Yikes that is a long time! Ah well, it's all the same to me.
Joyska at 9:14 PM

What Is going on?

Since I have been home, one of my coke cans (the one from Japan) somehow sprung a slow leak and ran all down my refrigerator, through the freezer and on to the floor... then, I notice that the refrigerator is also leaking water all over the floor the next night. Okay, no big deal, I'll call maintenance on Monday...

Well, it's quite hot here in Kansas City, so to aid my non humidity friendly Canadians, I turned on the air conditioner. Strangely the house wasn't cooling down even though the air was on... We came home from Misty's set, and it was hotter in the house than it was outside... obviously... the air is not working either.

Then I noticed a number of little footed creatures on my table...ants. Great...

So thinking all of this can be reported on Monday, and not to bother the crew during the weekend, I have gone on without air and with a leaky fridge and creepy crawly ants. No big deal.

Today... well, now it's just getting wierd... I go to bake brownies for a grad party for Lisa's daughter (remember there is NO air conditioning), turn on the oven, make my Canadian slaves (oops I meant to say guests) mix up the batter, and throw them in. 25 Minutes later the timer goes off, and confused because I CANNOT smell the brownies yet, go and check and low and behold my oven is no longer working. It worked yesterday, but not today.

That is just too wierd.

But I'll still wait til Monday to fix it need to bother the crew on Mother's day!
Joyska at 10:36 AM

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Home again

well, i have left the land of red and white, and have entered the land of red white and blue. Really... not that different when you think about it!
Jazreel, Cassia, Sue and Marcia and I left the great warm summer north at 6:30 pm and we arrived in Kansas City by 9:00 am... after a detour through St. Joe. Interesting town St. Joe... home of the infamous eminem and the "8 mile" inspiritation. (That is a movie for those of you who don't know). There were 2 major prisons in the town, and a "Sunset grill" which we never did find... I guess it is only findable when the sun is setting.
I have yet to sleep since the wee morning hours of Wednesday. SO off to the soft mattress and pillow surrounded by the quiet whir of the fan... and the snoring of the Canadians. Until a more reasonable hour... farewell. :)
Joyska at 6:51 PM

Monday, May 07, 2007

Happy Birthday SHOP

Joyska at 3:55 PM

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sad News

Last night just before midnight, on May 5th, Pat Bickle, whom I have requested prayer for many times, passed away.

Thank you, to those who have prayed and believed for his healing. Please keep the immediate family and the larger family IHOP in prayer.
Joyska at 11:42 AM

Saturday, May 05, 2007

it's raining... it's cold... but it's a GUSE GATHERING!

Sanctuary House of Prayer is having their one year anniversary this weekend and as part of the celebration we are heading to the Guse family farm. WOO HOO. It's exciting to think it's already been a year for S-HOP. I am so greatful to be here during this monumental moment :)
Joyska at 9:37 AM

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Today I NEEDED a diet coke!

today was a BUSY day! I went to St. Vital mall with Deanna and her wonderful chilluns. We met up with Jocelyn and her two handsome young boys, as well as Ang and her two adorable young uns.

I wish I had brought my camera. It was very cute. Deanna will have a shopper on her hands in a few years FOR SURE. We were in Children's place... and this sweet little girl... (shown in an older picture here) stood in front of the rack of clothes methodically looking at and perusing through the clearance section. VERY funny.

After leaving the mall 4 hours later!! Deanna dropped me off at the Lewis family's domain. What a hoot these crazy teens/adults are! We laughed our heads off as we (the older of the family and I) reminised about the 8 track players and the main frame computers that took up a whole room. If you don't know what I am talking about, I am too old to be your friend!

Joyska at 8:57 PM

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I'm in Canada, and I've been shot!

Yep... genuinely SHOT. I was minding my own business, standing on the corner talking to my friend when BOOM a loud pop and a sudden pain in my ear.

Fear not, it was a shot from an Airsoft pistol, which basically is a bb gun that shoots plastic bbs. They aren't meant to penetrate skin, they are meant to hurt... a lot... especially when hit in the ear!

I can hear all of my American friends laughing from here, but let me tell you that this die hard anti gun Canadian is even MORE against guns of ANY type in ANYONE'S hands... especially if I'm the target!

I walked back and saw the young man "polishing" the weapon of choice with no remorse or even fear as he sat in front of his window. Man... I am a little shocked to say the least!

Other than a sore ear, my time here in the North has been AWESOME!
I stayed with an old room mate last week and am now at my friends from Sanctuary House of Prayer. I LOVE being here!

I will post more tomorrow... I promise... for those of you who are asking where I've been... I'm here... just not so into blogging as of late... all that is soon to change!
Joyska at 7:31 PM