Joyska's Journal: July 2004

Friday, July 30, 2004

no one works on Friday!

Here I am sitting in my office, surrounded by Coke advertising, on a Friday afternoon and there is not a single soul in the building other than myself. So why am I here? To get the packets ready for the 100s of children that will invade WCV in two days time...

This building makes a lot of noise that you don't notice when other people are around... like the shudder the windows make everytime the trains go by... or the shaking of the floor when the big semi trucks pass on the street... or my personal favourite the high pitch whine of the air conditioner as it starts up or turns off.

Well, no problem, I will simply turn on my Misty Edwards CD and drown them all out. Of course when Yvonne's cd comes out, that will be the CD of choice!

Here's the funny thing! I am in an office that has more Coke advertising than a coke factory, my wallpaper on the computer is coke, and now the blog site has a definite Coke theme... but I am fasting Coke until the middle of August!!! I think I enjoy torturing myself... I even have an unopened can of Diet Coke right in front of me right now... but it's all for a good cause, you know... running after Jesus and all that!

Anyway. the photocopier is done, and I have many bags to fill...
Joyska at 1:18 PM

Thursday, July 29, 2004

My first blog entry!!!

Well, I have finally ventured into the world of cyber space.  I must admit I am a little nervous as I try to navigate all the settings, posts etc.  I know though that through the support and help of my computer savvy web-godess Yvonne, all will be well.   There is much to say, (hmm that makes me think of a quote... "Let me explain... no there is too much, Let me sum up"...) and I hope to spend many hours reading fascinating, life changing, gut splitting comments from all of you!  To which of course I will reply with equally fascinating life changing, gut splitting comments that will keep us all in one blogness! 
I look forward to communicating with you all in this way!  Let me know what you think of the site! Yvonne-- you rock!!!

Joyska at 10:27 AM